Make Sure You Get Quality Biodiesel

Chuck Zimmerman

Canadian RFAI just received the following statement from Tim Haig, Chair of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. He issued the following statement today in regard to recent biofuel issues in the Halifax area:

The Halifax Regional Municipality recently purchased what we now understand to be partially converted fish oil for use as a biofuel blend. Despite the best of intentions, the partially converted fish oil did not meet the universally recognized American Society of Testing Material (ASTM) biodiesel standard of quality.

The ASTM standard exists to ensure the highest quality of biodiesel fuel is available for consumers and its trouble free use in transportation. The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association does not recommend or support blending any biofuel which does not meet the very specific standard of ASTM D6751. Biodiesel can be produced from fish oil but it must be manufactured to meet ASTM standards. Meeting the ASTM specification is the only guarantee of a reliable and efficient fuel.

Quality for biodiesel is going to be a big focus with the industry this coming year. That was made very clear at the just completed National Biodiesel Conference in San Diego.

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