Cindy Zimmerman

Reuters has a little factiod list out about biofuels that has a few simple key points about ethanol and biodiesel in it and is very accurate. It’s really just Biofuels 101 and doesn’t touch on any judgements or opinions regarding energy efficiency or the like. More interesting to me than the Reuters fact list was the post about it on Autoblog, or I should say, the comments about the post. They showed a much greater lack of understanding and misinformation about biofuels than I would have expected from automaniacs. I hope that will change.
I really loved the image on that Autoblog post – so much that I “borrowed” it to use here and want to give them full credit. Don’t know if it’s an Autoblog original, but I thought it was very cool. Nice job, whoever designed it.

Biodiesel, Ethanol