Leaner, Meaner, Greener

Cindy Zimmerman

GreenshiftMeangreenGreenShift Corporation has announced the consolidation of its various biofuels companies into a restructured Mean Green BioFuels Corporation. According to a company release, GreenShift’s investments in BioEnergy Engineering, LLC and Ethanol Oil Recovery Systems, LLC, were transferred into Mean Green along with Mean Green Biodiesel of Tennessee, Inc.
Mean Green’s business model is based on the production of biodiesel out of soy bean oil; animal fats procured from rendering operations; corn oil extracted from ethanol facilities and animal fats derived from dissolved air flotation wastewater sludges.
Mean Green plans to aggressively invest in its brand as it promotes the use of biofuels in America with the objective of offsetting the demand for fossil fuels while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions directly in the trenches — in as many diesel burning trucks, tractors, other heavy equipment and industrial facilities as possible.

Biodiesel, Ethanol, Production