State of the Union Will Likely Address Domestic Fuel Needs

Cindy Zimmerman

Expect to hear “W” talking about ethanol tomorrow night. News sources are reporting that alternative energy will be a major theme of the President’s State of the Union speech Tuesday after Bush talked about ethanol in a recent interview with CBS, noting the number of flex-fuel vehicles already on the road that can run on E85. You can watch the 20 minute interview with Bob Schieffer here. Dozens of news outlets are carrying stories previewing the president’s speech, including the Associated Press.
Bush has always been a strong supporter of ethanol, so this is no surprise. And, given the high cost of fuel right now, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that the president is going to address that issue. High energy costs and domestic fuel strategies have already been a major theme in state of the state addresses given by a number of governors around the country this month.

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