Nationwide Ethanol Plant News

Cindy Zimmerman

Here are links to some stories this week about ethanol plants in the news.

Nebraska – ASAlliances Biofuels breaks ground on 100 million gallon ethanol plant in Albion – link to story in Columbus Telegram
Indiana – Same company as above breaks ground on plant in Montgomery County. Link to story from INside Indiana Business
Iowa – Iowa BioFuels plant near Blairstown increases production, plans expansion – link to Sioux City Journal story
Nebraska again – Wisconsin-based E Energy intends to build a corn-processing ethanol plant in Custer county – this story from North Platte Telegraph

It’s not just that it’s Saturday afternoon and I don’t feel like doing posts on all of these stories. Usually I link to the press release from the company site and when I started out with the stories on the ASAlliances plants in NE and IN, I couldn’t find releases on their site – or the partners Cargill, United Bio Energy and Fagen who make up the development company. So, I decided just to link to the stories I found on them.

Ok – and it is a sleepy, kinda dreary Saturday – so, it works for me.

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