Wyoming Ethanol Racing Teams With Ethanol Industry In 2006

Cindy Zimmerman

The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) has teamed up with Wyoming Ethanol Racing to be its title sponsor for the 2006 racing season. According to their news release:

The ethanol industry service providers will fund the sponsorship and have EPIC oversee the team’s promotions and public relations on its behalf for the season. The five-car drag team races with a high-performance fuel known as E-85, which is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline and is commercially available at the pump.

“We’re excited about the partnership. EPIC is a natural fit as our title team sponsor since we use E-85 to give us a performance advantage,” says Dan Schwartzkopf, a 17-year race veteran, and founder of Wyoming Ethanol Racing.

Dyno tests have shown performance gains over high-quality racing gasoline, in some cases more than 100 horsepower, without the downside of fuel system maintenance that one would have with a methanol-fuel engine.

“The sponsorship of Wyoming Ethanol Racing is important to the industry because it demonstrates to both race fans and everyday heros that ethanol is a performance fuel at every level,” says Tom Slunecka, the executive director of EPIC. “Not only can dragsters use it to increase performance, but a mother can stop at her local gas station, fill up her minivan with ethanol and then safely drive her kids to soccer practice.”

Ethanol, which is becoming a more common fuel in racing, is a high-octane, high-performance, clean-burning fuel. The IndyCar® Series is using a 10 percent ethanol 90 percent methanol fuel blend beginning in 2006, and 100 percent ethanol fuel in 2007.

Read the full release here.

I searched for about a half hour to try and find a logo or picture for Wyoming Ethanol Racing to no avail. I’d post one if someone would send me one.

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