Reduce Dependence on “Terror-promoting Foreign Oil”

Cindy Zimmerman

Reducing dependence on “expensive, polluting, terror-promoting foreign oil” is the goal of New York Governor George Pataki’s comprehensive energy plan unveiled today. While some critics say the governor is just trying to set himself up for a presidential run by endearing himself to the state of Iowa, most are applauding Pataki’s initiatives to boost production and use of renewable fuels and “position NY as the world leader in renewable energy research.”
Highlights of the Governor’s plan include: elimination of state taxes on renewable automotive fuels; creation of new renewable fuel stations across the State; development of “clean coal” power plants; a new hybrid vehicle tax credit; discounted Thruway tolls for hybrid vehicles; creation of a new state-of-the-art alternative fuel vehicle research lab; new tax-free benefits for clean energy companies that create jobs; a new $500 tax heating credit for lower-income seniors; a $50 million increase in Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) benefits, and a new tax credit for homeowners who upgrade to a high-efficiency home heating system.

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