EVWorld Blogs about Bio-Energy

Cindy Zimmerman

Check out this January 11 post on the EV World blog – Bio-Energy Economy Picking Up Steam. This blog, from what I can tell, mainly focuses on electric vehicles and hybrids but recent developments in the biofuels department really caught the blogger’s attention. He writes: My read is that the idea of a biomass economy is beginning to catch on not only in Colorado and California and New York, where Governor Pataki just announced his own initiative to spur biofuel production and sales, but globally. Where millions of dollars in public funds continue to be poured into hydrogen research, the real investment dollars are going into biofuel production from ethanol plants here in Nebraska (where we already have two cellulosic ethanol projects in the works) to palm oil plantations in Asia. He even posts a map from the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition showing E85 fueling stations.
The author of EVWorld is Bill Moore of Papillion, NE.