Show-Me the Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

The Governor of Missouri is calling for a 10 percent ethanol mandate in the Show-Me state. Encouraging the use of domestic fuels is one of Gov. Matt Blunt’s priorities outlined in his state of the state address this week.

“Through the ethanol and bio-diesel incentive programs we are encouraging a vital expansion of the economy by producing renewable fuels and reducing America’s and Missouri’s dependence on the Middle East while providing ready markets for the farmers of the Midwest. My budget calls for full funding of Missouri’s bio-diesel and ethanol incentive funds.
I also call upon this General Assembly to pass an “Energy and Green Power Initiative,” to reach beyond full funding for bio-diesel and ethanol incentives. I ask that we give Missouri’s heartland economy a major and lasting boost by requiring that motor fuel sold in Missouri for passenger cars and trucks contain 10 percent ethanol.
This standard will spur even greater economic development in rural Missouri. For all of us, it will provide cleaner air, lower prices and greater independence from Middle East oil supplies. Please stand with me against special interests and for our farmers, consumers, the environment and new energy supplies made right here in Missouri.”

The picture is of Gov. Blunt at the grand-opening ceremony for Mid-Missouri Energy in June 2005.

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