2007 Tahoe Promotes E85

Cindy Zimmerman

If you are in a car-buying mood, the new GM 2007 E85 Chevy Tahoe is now available. The new Tahoe is a flex-fuel vehicle capable of running on 85 percent ethanol, which is not really that unique anymore – there are lots of flex-fuel vehicles on the road. What makes it special is that GM has been running an ad campaign in major publications promoting that fact. Advertisements for the 2007 Tahoe ran in the Jan. 4 editions of USA Today and Wall Street Journal stressing the new full-size sport/utility vehicle’s fuel economy, including it’s ability to run on E85. “To my knowledge, this is the first time that any automaker has included a reference to the FFV capability of a vehicle in a national advertisement,” said Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Executive Director Phil Lambert. The ads also direct individuals to the NEVC Web site, www.E85Fuel.com, to locate availability of E85.

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