Maryland Biodiesel Plans

Cindy Zimmerman

OWW East is meeting midwest when it comes to domestic fuels. First it was North Carolina getting into the ethanol business, now it’s Maryland going biodiesel. Actually, there are already biodiesel refineries operating in Virginia and New York, but it’s safe to say that biofuels production has largely been a midwest phenomenon, since that’s where most of the corn and soybeans are grown. But, as the demand for alternative fuels grows, we are going to see more plants popping up in more populated areas. And those nice incentives for production included in the energy bill don’t hurt either.
There are actually two companies looking into building biodiesel plants in Maryland, which ranks about 18th nationwide in soybean production. One is a corporation called OffWorldWealth. This very diversified company is located in Columbia, MD – which is not known for much except being about halfway between Baltimore and DC – and being the birthplace of our oldest daughter! OWW started in 2001 as a research group exploring possible business opportunities in space. Now OWW is into all kinds of things, including biofuels. Interesting.

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