Flex Fuel Ford F150’s Rolling

Chuck Zimmerman

FordIt’s time to get yourself a Ford Tough F150. Ford has just announced that the first flex fuel trucks are rolling off the production line.

As Ford continues to drive American innovation, a new version of America’s best-selling vehicle is rolling off the line at the Kansas City Assembly Plant. Production of the first Ford F-150 flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) began this month, continuing the company’s commitment to producing 250,000 FFVs in the coming year. The flexible fuel technology is being built into the 5.4L, V-8 engine model and is available to consumers at no additional cost. FFVs can operate on gasoline or ethanol blends up to E85 – a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.

“We’re pleased to begin production of F-150 FFVs. Flexible fuel vehicles give customers the option of fueling with gasoline or the ethanol,” said Ken Ward, Kansas City Plant manager. “Customers will find that the F-150 FFV offers the same functionality as the gasoline version F-150 – including horsepower and torque.”

Made in America, ethanol is a renewable fuel that supports U.S. jobs and reduces the nation’s dependency on foreign oil. It is produced primarily from corn grown in the Midwest and is generally less expensive than regular unleaded gasoline – saving consumers money at the pump.

As I was checking this story out I came across FordF150.net which has a user forum set up. Here’s a link to a conversation thread on ethanol.

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