Cargill Ethanol Expansion Plans

cargill Cargill PlantI had to look back at recent posts to make sure I had not already done this story, since I have written about so many new plants lately. This one was actually announced November 9, and it’s a significant one because it would be the largest in the country and would make Cargill the second largest ethanol producer in the country. Cargill is planning to build a second plant in Blair, NE that would produce 110 million gallons of ethanol per year. Currently, the largest plant in the country is Aventine Renewable Energy’s plant in Pekin, IL at 100 million – at least two other 100 mmgy plants are in the works, in Texas and Missouri. Aventine is currently the country’s second largest producer, but a far second from leader Archer-Daniels Midland. ADM produced over a billion gallons of ethanol last year at seven plants in the midwest. Cargill’s new plant would raise their total annual U.S. production capacity to 230 million gallons.


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  1. Cindy,

    Corn ethanol produces 30% more energy than petroleum, but this is a much lower figure than sugar ethanol which produces 800% more energy than petroleum. Why does the US not focus more towards this ethanol base which also burns 90% cleaner than petroleum and at least 50% cleaner than corn-based? Also, why is it taking the US so long to figure out the benefits of ethanol at all? I have heard we just haven’t perfected the technology, yet, but Brazil has been running almost fully on domestically produced ethanol since the oil embargo of the late 70’s. Why are we so far behind?

  2. I would like to know who I would contact about possible positions in the ethanol field. I am currently employed with ICM Inc. I am a Start up/Trainer and have started up and commissioned over 15+ plants in the past year and a half. I am looking for a contact to send a resume’.