Cindy Zimmerman

NEVC Getting more E-85 fueling stations and more flex-fuel vehicles on the road are goals of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, based in Jefferson City, the beautiful capitol city of Missouri. NEVC is a non-profit membership organization that serves as the nation’s primary advocacy group promoting the use of 85% ethanol as a form of alternative transportation fuel, according to their website. The organization was one of 98 companies, groups, and government agencies that had booths at the National Association of Farm Broadcaster’s “Trade Talk” where they were interviewed by about a hundred or so ag journalists from around the country. The lovely and talented Michelle Kautz, NEVC communications director, celebrated a milestone birthday (we won’t tell which one!) at Trade Talk doing interviews. I think I was the last interview for her of the day – click here to listen.

Ethanol, Promotion