Cleaner Fuel For Better Lungs

Cindy Zimmerman

car giveaway ICM, Inc. of Colwich, Kan., and Davis-Moore Dealerships of Wichita, Kan., partnered to promote the use of ethanol-enriched fuel and donated a fuel-efficient Chevrolet Aveo to the American Lung Association of Kansas (ALA). The American Lung Association of Kansas then gave the car away during a raffle held Oct. 8, with all proceeds benefiting asthma research.

KS Lung Association “Our partnership with the ethanol industry has been a wonderful experience. We support the use of alternative fuels such as ethanol,” said Judy Keller, the executive director of ALA of Kansas.

Ethanol reduces tailpipe fine particulate matter (PM) emissions by up to 50 percent. These emissions pose a health threat to children, senior citizens, and those with respiratory ailments. Particulate matter in the air makes it more difficult for everyone to breathe, especially those with respiratory problems, like asthma.

“Through the generosity of this program, we will be able to help thousands of people who suffer from asthma. Ethanol is good for the air and good for asthmatics,” commented Keller.

The American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago credits ethanol-enriched fuels with reducing smog-forming emissions by 25 percent since 1990.

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