New Energy Capital Invests In Ethanol Plant

Chuck Zimmerman

New Energy CapitalMore and more is being invested into renewable energy alternatives like ethanol. In fact, it’s almost hard to keep up with all of it. Here’s another announcement that a significant investment is being made by some savvy investors.

New Energy Capital Corp. has announced its investment in a 55 million gallon per year ethanol production facility currently under construction in Albion, Michigan. The plant, adjacent to a grain terminal owned by The Andersons, Inc., will produce ethanol from corn grown by local farmers and will also produce distillers grains, a high quality feed supplement ideal for the region’s growing dairy industry. Ethanol from the plant will be blended with gasoline for use in the transportation sector. The use of ethanol as a replacement for gasoline cuts U.S. oil dependence, stimulates the nation’s farm economy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The facility, which will be managed by The Andersons, is expected to be completed by September 2006, and will involve an aggregate investment of approximately $86 million. The designer and general contractor will be ICM, Inc. of Colwich, KS, an industry leader in ethanol technology and plant construction. The Andersons and New Energy Capital are joined by three other equity investors, and CoBank of Omaha, Nebraska will lead a consortium of farm credit banks to provide construction and term financing. Plant construction will involve approximately 250 new jobs and operations will require approximately 30 full time equivalent staff.

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