IndyCar Pit Stop Pump Tour

Chuck Zimmerman

Indy Racing LeagueI wish these folks would do this in Missouri! The Indy Racing League teamed up with 7-11 stores in California today to pump some gas (with ethanol). The price was right at $2.20/gallon. It’s hard to believe anyone would think that a bargain but times have certainly changed. So here’s the details of the promotion they put together today:

IndyCar Celebrities –will be on hand to pump gas, answer questions, sign autographs and get their picture taken with lucky drivers who stop by.

Gas promotion – Gas will be discounted to $2.20 per gallon of ethanol-enriched mid-grade fuel during each1 1/2-hour pit-stop, a tie-in to race cars performing at 220 miles per hour – now you can fill up and feel good at $2.20 per gallon! THIS IS AN AVERAGE OF .80 CENTS OFF OF CURRENT MID-GRADE GAS PRICES.

Giveaways – 220 Team Ethanol and Team 7-Eleven T-shirts along with IRL merchandise will be given away.

Promotional offering – 7-Eleven will offer FREE fresh food samplings during the pit-stops, featuring donuts, pastries and sandwiches – all a part of the pit-stop treatment!

Pit Crew – A team of ethanol and IRL professionals will create a genuine pit-stop experience with the full treatment…window washing, pumping fuel and engaging the customer in ethanol-enriched fuel and the IRL race in Fontana.

Like I said, too bad they couldn’t do this everywhere. Let’s roll across the country with this tour! Actually these guys will be racing this weekend at the Toyota Indy 400.

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