Some News Tidbits

Chuck Zimmerman

The state of Missouri is re-launching a program that the state’s Treasurer, Sarah Steelman, says will “help finance ethanol production plants in our state to reduce our dependence of foreign oil and expand markets for Missouri farm products.” That’s from a story in today’s St. Louis Business Journal. The program is now called BIG Missouri Linked-Deposit Program.

In Phoenix, AZ gas mixed with ethanol will become available starting this Saturday. A story in the Tuscon Citizen says that the new fuel option is “aimed at reducing particulate emissions.” This should help with the ozone alerts the city has been having.

In Boston car buyers may soon have some huge incentives to buy a hybrid car that will run on alternative fuel like ethanol. In a story on The Daily News Online, the state senate unanimously passed a bill yesterday that would save car buyers by not having to pay tax on the vehicle and a $2,000 income tax break! These are just part of the provisions of the alternative energy plan bill. The bill would also require 50 percent of state-owned vehicles to run on alternative fuel by 2010.