Morgan Freeman On Biodiesel Company Board

Chuck Zimmerman

Earth BiofuelsNothing like having an Oscar-winning actor on your board! Earth Biofuels is a biodiesel company that now has Morgan Freeman on board!

Meadows Springs, Inc. dba Earth Biofuels, Inc. today announced changes to its Board of Directors and the appointment of new executive officers. In addition to the two newly appointed members, Mr. Dennis McLaughlin, current Chairman and CEO of Apollo Resources International, and Mr. Tommy Johnson, CEO of Earth Biofuels, Inc., the Board appointed 3 new members: popular actor Mr. Morgan Freeman, Mr. Bill Luckett, and Mr. Bruce Blackwell. Additionally, Mr. Johnson was elected CEO of the Company.

Mr. Freeman said, “I am pleased to accept the invitation to serve on the Earth Biofuels Board of Directors. I firmly believe that alternative fuel supplies need to be developed to allow the United States to wean itself off of its significant dependence on foreign oil. Moreover, I feel that our development of alternative sources such as biodiesel fuel will help the environment, farmers, and the economy in general. I look forward to participating in the growth of this company as well as the alternative fuels industry.”