Drivingethanol.org Has New Design

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol Promotion & Information CouncilThe Ethanol Promotion & Research Council has a news website.

“Drivingethanol.org speaks to consumers in a fun, friendly voice while giving them the story of ethanol. It’s good for your car, better for the environment and made in America, too,” said Tom Slunecka, executive director for Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC). EPIC launched a consumer Web site, http://www.drivingethanol.org , where consumers can go to learn more about the renewable and environmental friendly fuel ethanol. “Consumers will be able to visit the site to find the important information that they need about ethanol, including how increasing our use of ethanol will help us create more energy independence, and how ethanol effects your car,” says Slunecka.

The site offers some unique content including:

Ask The Expert — a special section where consumers can ask industry
experts questions about ethanol.
Take Action — here consumers can order a free ethanol car magnet,
e-mail friends about the benefits of ethanol and contact their local
American-Made — facts about ethanol and the American economy.

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