The Race Is On

Chuck Zimmerman

Green Flag StartThe race has started. After the first lap we had a two-car accident but no injuries and car #17 is looking good right now. After this post I won’t do any until after the race.

The one thing you like to hear here is the famous words, “Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.” You can hear it here: Listen To  MP3 Start Your Engines (1 min MP3) Post Update: I assumed that Ms Hulman would say “Lady” instead of “Ladies” but we thought it came out plural and after listening to my recording from the stands you can’t really tell. Those around me all thought she said it plural.

I’m also listening in on a radio scanner to the driver/pit communication which is very cool. It sounds like things are going well right now.

Watch here: Watch WMV Cars Home Stretch (1 min wmv)

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Pit Activity

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol Car PitsSteve Dixon is the Team Manager for the Ethanol Car out here in the pits.

I interviewed him before the race to see how he feels about the race.

You can listen to the interview here: Listen To  MP3 Steve Dixon Interview (2 min MP3)

I also wanted you to get a feel for what it looks like in the pit area before the action gets started so here’s a short video clip.

Watch here: Watch WMV Ethanol Car Pit Activity (1 min wmv)

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Jeff Simmons Pep Talk

Chuck Zimmerman

Jeff SimmonsI know there’s a lot of focus here on Jeff Simmons but hey, he’s the ethanol ambassador of the moment at the greatest spectacle in auto racing.

Last evening Jeff met with a group of the Team Ethanol supporters here. I shot a short video clip for you. He seemed pretty loose for the night before the big race.

We wish him and all the drivers today a very safe day of driving.

Here’s that video: Watch WMV Jeff Simmons (3 min wmv) (FYI: I was shooting still photos with one hand while shooting this video with the other.)

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90th Indianapolis 500

Chuck Zimmerman

Indy SunriseWelcome to race day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Today we’ll have coverage from the 90th running of the Indianapolis 500.

Earlybirds got to see the sun rise here. It’s promising to be a hot one which should make things interesting. All during the month of practice it’s been very cool. These car engines and drivers will be running in different conditions today than they’re used to.

I’m going to collect more pictures, audio and video with a focus on the ethanol-sponsored Rahal-Letterman team and the #17 Ethanol Car.

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Team Ethanol Supporters

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol Parade GroupThere are a lot of ethanol supporters here in Indianapolis and more arriving by the minute as we get closer to race day.

This fine looking group consists of staff and board members of the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council along with various other industry members.

They all went downtown to the parade today and will get together again this evening for a reception. Then tomorrow we’ll all be out at the track cheering on Team Ethanol!

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Indy Parade

Chuck Zimmerman

Jeff Simmons ParadeToday has been a relatively quiet day here in Indianapolis. Except for the annual parade that is.

Here’s Ethanol Car driver Jeff Simmons passing by (along with Stephanie Soviar). The drivers are spaced out in the parade in the same row lineup as they will be in the race. Jeff is starting in row 9.

You can watch a short video clip from the parade here: Watch WMV Jeff Simmons In Parade (1 min wmv)

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MFA Oil And Mid Missouri Energy

Chuck Zimmerman

MFA/MME Ribbon CuttingThe big announcement from MFA Oil and Mid Missouri Energy was made this morning as we reported earlier this week. Pictured are members of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, along with Phil Lampert (NEVC), Ryland Utlaut (Mid-Missouri Energy) and Jerry Taylor (MFA Oil) in a ribbon-cutting ceremony signifying the launch of the partnership.

Thanks to the folks at the Missouri Corn Growers Association we’ve got some audio for you. Tyne Morgan interviewed MFA Oil President, Jerry Taylor. He talks about what the company is doing to increase the availability and accessability of E85 fuel around the state of Missouri. You can listen to that interview here: Listen To MP3 Jerry Taylor Interview (5 min MP3)

Representatives from two farmer-owner cooperatives have announced a partnership created to make E85 fuel more readily available and affordable to Missourians by offering it at 20 percent less than regular unleaded gasoline. E85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline and is used in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs).
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