Railways Not Required to Report Ethanol Delays

Cindy Zimmerman

A few weeks ago, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) directed Canadian Pacific Railway Company and BNSF Railway Company to report their plans to resolve the backlogs of grain car orders and to submit weekly status reports on grain car service. However, the order failed to address rail service problems for the delivery of ethanol, and Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis …

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Forecast for Greater GHG Reduction from Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

A new report forecasts global ethanol consumption will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions this year by over 106 million tons. The Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA), in cooperation with (S&T)2 Consultants Inc., released their Global Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction Forecast for 2014 as the International Transport Forum Summit begins today in Germany. The annual report shows the reduction …

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Ethanol on the Rails

Cindy Zimmerman

In the last couple of weeks there have been two derailments of trains carrying crude oil, one in Virginia on April 30 and one in Colorado on May 9. These incidents are just the latest in a string of accidents that began last summer when a runaway oil train carrying Bakken crude derailed and exploded in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, killing 47 …

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NTSB Holds Rail Transportation Safety Forum

Cindy Zimmerman

Outgoing National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman says “regulators are behind the curve” when it comes to the transport of hazardous liquid, whether ethanol or crude oil. “Those shipments have increased by over 440 percent (since 2005) but our regulations have not changed,” Hersman said at the National Press Club prior to the start of a two day forum …

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Rail Problems Impacting Ethanol Supplies

Cindy Zimmerman

One impact of the long, cold winter across the nation has been weather-related rail disruptions that are taking a toll on ethanol supplies and production. The record winter weather patterns that have caused repeated snowstorms have resulted in stalled trains, frozen controls and increased demand for rail cars. All that has made it difficult to move ethanol to the Northeast. …

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RFA Releases Rail Transportation Information

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has released the “Guidelines for Hinged and Bolted Manway Assembly” in conjunction with the start of the 2013 Fuel Ethanol Workshop. The publication is a powerful resource for ethanol shippers to ensure the safe transport of ethanol through the rail system. The guidelines explain in detail the correct assembly of a manway, the proper steps …

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RFA Honored for Emergency Readiness Training

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) was honored today with the “2012 TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award,” at the Association of American Railroads/Bureau of Explosives HazMat Seminar in Addison, Texas. RFA received the award for its commitment to the goals of TRANSCAER® and for its role in educating communities on how to handle chemical transportation emergencies. TRANSCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency …

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America Can Achieve Energy Victory

Joanna Schroeder

If the United States puts its mind to it, energy victory can be achieved. How? Energy expert Dr. Robert Zubrin, author of Energy Victory has the formula for success.  Zubrin recently spoke at the Indiana Ethanol Forum, and fellow journalist Meghan Grebner of Brownfield Ag News interviewed him after his presentation asking him what the most important thing people should …

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Ethanol Safety Training in Chattanooga

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), Norfolk Southern Corp., and Tate & Lyle will co-host a free Ethanol Safety Seminar in Chattanooga, TN on April 18th at the Chattanooga Fire Department Training Center. The goal of this seminar is for attendees to gain a full ethanol emergency response training experience that they can put to use immediately in the field as …

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New Website for Pre-Owned Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Ann Marie Edwards

Are you searching for a pre-owned alternative fuel vehicle or equipment? Test drive a new website, afvresale.com, developed by The Sales Network (TSN). This site lets consumers who want to “go green” buy or sell previously owned alternative fuel vehicles or equipment. The website provides free membership for listing, responding and searching any pre-owned alternative fuel vehicle located across the …

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