FEW Welcome

Cindy Zimmerman

The 2008 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop is getting started in Nashville and is expected to attract some 4,000 visitors from around the globe. This is the 24th year for the event that started out with just a few dozen dreamers. The FEW this year will offer 23 technical workshops on topics such as cellulosic ethanol, non-food feedstocks, water utilization and …

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FAO Agrees to Biofuels Study

Cindy Zimmerman

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization High Level Conference on Food Security focused on solutions to fight global hunger and increase agricultural development this week, rather than place restrictions on biofuels production. The final declaration adopted by 180 countries calls for further study on the issue, an approach which world biofuels producers called “thoughtful.” In a statement, leaders from …

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Ethanol Industy Urges Balance at UN Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

As talks are beginning in Rome about the factors behind and solutions to world food price inflation, Renewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen called on world leaders attending the summit to consider the issue in its entirety. “Addressing issues of food security is a matter of great importance that cannot be taken lightly. As world leaders meet in Rome this …

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Ribbon Cut For Nebraska Ethanol Plant

Cindy Zimmerman

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman helped officials with VeraSun Energy and others in a ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony and open house Thursday for its 110 million-gallon-per year biorefinery in Albion, Nebraska. The plant is one of 11 VeraSun ethanol production facilities currently in operation. The company has an annual production capacity of more than one billion gallons, making VeraSun one of …

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Good Fuels Offers Good News About Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

A new website has been launched to focus on the positive impacts of biofuels on the economy, the environment and America in general. GoodFuels.org is “for” clean energy, domestic energy production, fair reporting and balanced research. What they are against is unbalanced reporting, misleading research, relying on imported fuel and vilifying the American farmer. GoodFuels.org seeks to provide a thoughtful …

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“E-logo” a Hit with Kids

Laura McNamara

The green ethanol flags were a hit with the crowd at the 2008 IPL Festival Parade, especially with the kids. Spectators could spot “e” flags waving at Monument Circle and along the parade route. Some kids were using the flags as drumsticks, beating in time to the college and high school bands that marched past. Well, keeping time in their …

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Ethanol Industry Fights Back

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is working hard to combat the campaign against ethanol by food manufacturers and petroleum companies which continues to increase. In this Ethanol Report podcast, President and CEO Bob Dinneen says they have hired new staff and opened a new office and he believes that in the end the facts will prevail. You can subscribe to …

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Ethanol Saves Motorists as Oil Continues to Climb

Cindy Zimmerman

This Memorial Day weekend many motorists may be wistfully remembering the days of $2 a gallon gasoline as prices at the pump may hit $4 average nationwide by the holiday. The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts that nearly 32 million drivers will hit the road for the long holiday weekend. However, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) says there is some …

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Defending the Renewable Fuels Standard

Cindy Zimmerman

Higher food prices have led to increasing calls for changes in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) that was implemented as part the Energy bill just signed into law last December, which calls for 36 billion gallons of annual renewable fuel use by 2022. In this DomesticFuel Cast, we hear from several of the witnesses who testified in support of the …

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Cellulosic Ethanol Focus at Hearing

Cindy Zimmerman

A South Dakota lawmaker is urging Congress to allow cellulosic ethanol derived from woody biomass on federal lands to count towards the Renewable Fuels Standard. Current law prevents biofuels made from biomass that originates on public lands or any biomass from private land that is not ‘planted’ and ‘actively managed’ from being counted toward the RFS. During a hearing this …

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