Study Raises Doubts About Dev of New Fossil Fuels

Joanna Schroeder

A new study is raising doubts about future development of new fossil fuel resources. Published in Global Environmental Change and authored by Richard Heede and Naomi Oreskes, the report looks closely at the potential of global warming emissions that could be unleashed from carbon reserves held by the globe’s largest fossil fuel producers. Some key findings of the study include: …

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Military Jets Could Fly High on Roadside Gumweed

John Davis

Researchers in Nevada are finding a way to turn a roadside weed into a high performance military jet fuel. This article from the University of Nevada, Reno, says the school’s Glenn Miller is leading the effort in a project that refines roadside gumweed into biofuel. “The plant grindelia squarosa, known as curly top gumweed, has extractable hydrocarbons with the potential …

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Texas A&M Developing Biofuel, Forage Crop

John Davis

Researchers at Texas A&M University are developing a crop that will double as a bioenergy and livestock forage source. This news release from the school says Dr. Russ Jessup, a Texas A&M AgriLife Research perennial grass breeder in College Station, is introducing a new biofuel-biomass feedstock hybrid that is a hybrid “similar to seedless watermelons, seedless grapes and other sterile …

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U of W Research Converts Poplar Trees to Biofuels

Joanna Schroeder

New research from the University of Washington is laying the foundation to use woody biomass from poplar trees into sustainably produced biofuels and biochemicals. A five-year $40 million dollar study funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is in its last year and results will seed a wood-based cellulosic ethanol production facility. ZeaChem, one of the industry partners in …

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Biofuels Capacity to Grow to 61B Gallons by 2018

Joanna Schroeder

According to new research, global biofuels capacity will grow to 61 billion gallons per year (BGY0 by 2018. Ethanol and biodiesel will continue to dominate with 96 percent of the capacity in 2018, but novel fuels and novel feedstocks will be major drivers of capacity growth, according to Lux Research. The study finds that novel fuels and novel feedstocks will …

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Molecular Swiss Army Knife Improves Algae-Fuel

Joanna Schroeder

A molecular Swiss Army knife may hold the key to making blue-green algae biofuel and biochemical production more viable. A research team from Michigan State University (MSU) fabricated a synthetic protein that both improves the assembly of the carbon-fixing factory of cyanobacteria while providing proof of concept for a device that could potentially improve plant photosynthesis or be used to …

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Tokyo Scientists Increase Algal Oil Production

Joanna Schroeder

Hiroyuki Ohta, a researcher at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, together with scientists based at institutions across Tokyo, Japan, have discovered a way of increasing the oil production in algae. The oils are used to create biofuels and biochemicals and researchers are looking for ways to increase the production of triacylglycerols in the Nannochloropsis algal strain NIES-2145. Triacylglycerols, or TAGs, …

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Boise State Wants to Run Baja 1000 on Biodiesel

John Davis

A Boise State University non-profit wants to run an off-road race in Mexico on biodiesel, which the group believes will give them an edge for the win. This article from KMVT-TV says Greenspeed Research is building a biodiesel trophy truck to compete in the Baja 1000, an off-road race that takes place on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula in the third …

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A Toast to Making Ethanol from Grape Biomass

John Davis

Raise your glass in a toast to some researchers from Down Under, as they have figured out how to make ethanol out of some of the leftovers from wine-making. University of Adelaide researchers in Australia showed they could make about 100 gallons of ethanol by fermenting a ton of grape marc – the leftover skins, stalks and seeds from wine-making. …

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U of North Dakota Gets Biomass Research Funding

John Davis

Federal funding to the tune of $250,000 is headed to the University of North Dakota for research to study biomass as a biofuel and solar energy absorption by nanoparticles. North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp welcomed the research dollars. “North Dakota has a rich heritage of conservation and we must continue to develop and use our natural resources responsibly,” said …

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