POET Producing Corn Oil at 25 Biorefineries

Joanna Schroeder

Nearly all of POET’s ethanol plants have now producing corn oil: 25 of their 27 plants have installed corn oil technology bringing its total capacity to approximately 250,000 tons per year, enough feedstock to produce 68 million gallons of biodiesel annually. Branded Voilà, POET has been selling the corn oil since January 2011 with its ethanol plant in Hudson, South …

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Obama Wins. Did Renewable Energy Win?

Joanna Schroeder

President Barack Obama has been elected to a second term to lead the United States. While not clairvoyant,  I suspect the defining turn in support for Obama was the convergence of hurricane Sandy and Mayor Michael Bloomberg throwing his support behind Obama with the statement that he is the climate change President. If he is in fact the president for climate …

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POET-DSM Partners with ANDRITZ

Joanna Schroeder

POET-DSM has signed on the International Technology Group ANDRITZ, to supply a two-step biomass treatment process for the commercial-scale cellulosic bioethanol plant under construction in Emmetsburg, Iowa known as Project LIBERTY. The technology was designed to help draw out available sugar in the collected biomass, in this case corn stover, corn cobs, and husks, so it can be converted into …

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DF Cast: Fuels America to Combat RFS Waiver Talk

John Davis

A new coalition forms to fight back against the push against the Renewable Fuels Standard… a fight prompted by the drought and the pressure the drought is causing on the most common feedstock for ethanol, corn. During a recent news conference, former congressman and now CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization… or BIO… Jim Greenwood was one of the leaders …

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Latest Soil Research Supports Biomass Harvesting

Ann Marie Edwards

Good news is emerging from the most recent soil data of the Project LIBERTY biomass harvesting research in northwest Iowa. Harvesting crop residue can be a responsible part of good farm management. Project LIBERTY is a commercial-scale, cellulosic ethanol plant that is scheduled to begin operations in Emmetsburg, Iowa in late 2013. The plant will use corncobs, leaves, husk, and …

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14 POET Plants Producing Voila

Joanna Schroeder

POET is off and running with the installation and production of Voilà, its branded corn oil that is used to produce biodiesel. Fourteen plants have installed the technology increasing annual production capacity to nearly 235 million pounds per year. This is enough corn oil to produce nearly 31 million gallons of biodiesel. Voilà technology was first installed in January 2011 at …

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Growth Energy Launches Flex Fuel Finder at 2012 FEW

Jamie Johansen

Right after Growth Energy launched a new website featuring a Flex Fuel Finder application, I got to chat with Tom Buis, Growth Energy CEO, and Jeff Broin, Growth Energy Board Member and CEO of POET. They each expressed the positive impact RFS has had on the ethanol industry and the importance of keeping it implemented. Along that line they discussed …

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Bob Casper Named Chief Commercial Officer of POET

Ann Marie Edwards

Bob Casper, President of POET Ethanol Products, was named Chief Commercial Officer of POET. In this newly created position, Casper will oversee the marketing and distribution of all products as well as risk management for POET. Since 2000, Casper has led POET Ethanol Products, which markets all of the ethanol and carbon dioxide for POET’s network of 27 biorefineries. Before …

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Broin Steps Down as CEO of POET

Cindy Zimmerman

The founder of the country’s largest ethanol company is stepping down as CEO. POET founder Jeff Broin will continue managing and leading the company’s board as Executive Chairman, while Jeff Lautt has been named CEO. Lautt has been with POET since 2005, serving as President of the company for the past year. In stepping down as CEO, Broin says he …

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