Corn Cob Harvesting Will Be Economical

Chuck Zimmerman

The Director of Project LIBERTY for POET is Jim Sturdevant. He oversees all the activities across the company that are “pulling together to transform this ethanol plant into one of the nation’s first cellulosic ethanol plants.” The plant he’s referring to is POET’s Emmetsburg facility where they held a field day yesterday. He says they intend to replicate what they’re …

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Deere Designing Corn Cob Harvest Equipment

Chuck Zimmerman

There are several farm equipment manufacturers working with POET on corn cob harvesting solutions. One of them is John Deere. Of the current options for harvesting/collecting the cobs, Deere is working on the corn cob mix kit (CCM) option. It’s basically an attachment to the combine according to John Deere’s Barry Nelson, who was attending the POET Project LIBERTY field …

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Jeff Broin at Project LIBERTY Field Day

Chuck Zimmerman

At today’s POET Project LIBERTY Field Day, Jeff Broin, CEO, spoke to a large group of farmers who attended to see just what the company is planning in the production of cellulosic ethanol from corn cobs. We were supposed to see field harvesting demonstrations with prototype equipment to show the different ways that farmers will be able to collect the …

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POETry In Action

Chuck Zimmerman

As I was driving into Emmetsburg, IA last night I saw this plant off in the distance. I’m pretty sure this is the POET Emmetsburg ethanol plant. Actually, it’s the AGP soybean processing plant. The POET plant is behind it from the direction I took the photo. I’m here in town for today’s Project LIBERTY field day. We’re supposed to …

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