USDA Secretary Talks Biofuels at #Classic20

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U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue had a lot to say about biofuels during his address at the 2020 Commodity Classic in San Antonio Friday. While no announcement has been made by EPA yet, Secretary Perdue confidently told the audience that the recent 10th Circuit Court decision will mean less small refinery waivers. “I think you will see those waivers …

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Wheeler Questioned About Decision on SRE Program

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler told a House subcommittee hearing on Thursday that there is no final decision yet on how they will respond to the recent 10th Circuit Court ruling regarding the Small Refinery Exemption (SRE) program. “We’re still in discussions with the Department of Justice trying to analyze the 10th Circuit opinion, we have no announcements …

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Discovering New Uses and Markets for Ethanol

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The 2020 National Ethanol Conference included a panel discussion on new uses for ethanol, moderated by Erik Huschitt, CEO and General Manager of Badger State Ethanol, LLC. Panelists included Keegan O’Donnell, Gas Power Systems, New Product Engineering, General Electric; Prabhakar Nair, VP Business Development, LanzaTech; and BJ Johnson, CEO, ClearFlame Engines. O’Donnell shared some of the reasons GE is so …

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Legislation Would Target Oil Subsidies

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Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Tom Udall (D-NM) introduced legislation this week to update the nation’s antiquated public lands royalty system and ensure that taxpayers get fair returns on leases of public lands for oil and gas production. Introducing the bipartisan Fair Returns for Public Lands Act of 2020, Grassley said, “Low royalty rates on oil produced on federal lands …

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Ethanol’s Competitiveness in the Octane Market

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Those attending the 2020 National Ethanol Conference had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Roel Salazar, author of the weekly Argus Fuels and Octane Report. Salazar discussed different products in the fuels market and the variables that affect ethanol’s competitiveness in that market. “You can see how ethanol has a market price much lower than its blend value. It’s …

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Focusing Forward: Stakeholders Roundtable Discussion

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The closing panel at the Renewable Fuels Association National Ethanol Conference discussed how stakeholders are planning for the future, what opportunities they see, and how they can work together to achieve our mutual goals. Participants in the panel included: Geoff Cooper, President & CEO, Renewable Fuels Association; Shane Karr, Head of External Affairs, FCA US LLC; Jon Doggett, Chief Executive …

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Global Clean Fuel Standards

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In recent years, we have seen several countries beginning to develop clean fuel standards that can offer both opportunities and challenges for U.S. ethanol producers. A panel at the National Ethanol Conference focused on “The Emergence of International Clean Fuel Standards: Innovation Drivers or Industry Protectionism?” with insights on where global standards for clean fuel are headed. Renewable Fuels Association …

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Biofuels Part of USDA Innovation Agenda

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At the start of USDA’s 2020 Agriculture Outlook Forum on Thursday, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the Agriculture Innovation Agenda, a new initiative to stimulate innovation so American agriculture can achieve the goal of increasing production by 40 percent while cutting the environmental footprint of U.S. agriculture in half by 2050. To do so, USDA has set benchmarks to …

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Beyond the Road Benefits of Ethanol

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Off the road, on the racetrack, or in the water, the benefits of ethanol go beyond the highway. Attendees at the 25th National Ethanol Conference got to hear about ethanol’s success in recreational uses like off-road vehicles and boats, providing power, reduced emissions and lower fuel costs. They also got to see Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) flex-fuel Jeep Wrangler up …

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Low Carbon Future for Ethanol

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One of the biggest opportunities for the ethanol industry is regional low carbon fuel standards. A panel moderated by Neil Koehler of Pacific Ethanol, Inc., discussed the path forward for decarbonizing liquid transportation fuels at the 2020 National Ethanol Conference in Houston, Tex. Participants in the panel included: Christopher Hessler, AJW, Inc.; Jeremy Martin, Union of Concerned Scientists; David Clay, …

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