Ethanol Report on Corn Grower Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

This edition of “The Ethanol Report” features comments from the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) “Land Use and Carbon Impacts of Corn-based Ethanol Conference” held August 25-26 in St. Louis. Comments come from National Corn Growers Association Director of Biofuels & Business Development Jamey Cline, NCGA CEO Rick Tolman, North Dakota grower Bart Schott, and Geoff Cooper with the Renewable …

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Ethanol Report on Blender Pump Initiative

Cindy Zimmerman

Corn growers and the ethanol industry are teaming up to bring more choices to the consumer at the fuel pump. In this edition of “The Ethanol Report” we hear from representatives of the National Corn Growers Association, the American Coalition for Ethanol and the Renewable Fuels Association about the “Blend Your Own Ethanol” campaign announced this week at the 22nd …

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New Ethanol Awareness Efforts

Cindy Zimmerman

The Renewable Fuels Association is targeting motorcyclists and increasing its on-line presence with new marketing efforts. This edition of “The Ethanol Report” features an interview with Renewable Fuels Association Director of Market Development Robert White about some new tactics they are using to promote ethanol and answer questions about its use. White talks in particular about one upcoming event that …

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Ethanol Report on Safety

Cindy Zimmerman

Recent accidents involving transportation fuel, including ethanol, have highlighted the importance of safety when it comes to moving flammable and hazardous materials. It turns out that the tanker truck explosion in California on June 13 was actually carrying petroleum, not ethanol as the media reported, but the Canadian National Railway train that derailed in Illinois over the weekend was carrying …

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Answering Media Questions About Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

This edition of the Ethanol Report features some questions and answers from the Renewable Fuels Association telephone conference call on June 8 regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rulemaking for the Renewable Fuels Standard. RFA president Bob Dinneen and vice president for research Geoff Cooper answer questions from Martin Ross of Illinois Farm Week, Chuck Abbott of Reuters, Steven Cook …

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Ethanol Report on Miami E85

Cindy Zimmerman

South Florida motorists who drive flex fuel vehicles now have at least 12 stations where they can fill up with E85 fuel. The Renewable Fuels Association joined Urbieta Oil in celebrating the grand opening of the nation’s 2000th E85 fueling station this week in Davie, Florida. This edition of “The Ethanol Report” includes comments from RFA Director of Market Development …

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Ethanol Report on RFS Announcement

Cindy Zimmerman

The ethanol industry is pleased and encouraged with the announcement made by the Obama administration regarding the future development of biofuels under the Renewable Fuels Standard and the creation of a Biofuels Interagency Working Group made up of USDA, EPA and DOE. See EPA’s proposed rulemaking for the RFS here. This edition of “The Ethanol Report” includes audio from Agriculture …

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Ethanol Report on California ARB Decision

Cindy Zimmerman

California has adopted the first-ever fuel requirement that is carbon-based – and that’s a good thing. “What is frustrating to the ethanol industry is that the board still went ahead and approved a program that has some really ridiculous land use data,” says Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen. Despite the Board’s vote, Dinneen says RFA remains cautiously …

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Ethanol Report on Global Biofuels Policy

Cindy Zimmerman

The need for renewable fuels to replace fossil fuels is becoming more and more of a global necessity. This edition of the “Ethanol Report” features information about the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) and the organization’s goals for providing scientific information about life cycle assessment and greenhouse gas reduction, as well as the importance of expanding biofuels production for developing …

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Ethanol Report on Indirect Land Use

Cindy Zimmerman

This edition of the “Ethanol Report” discusses the critical decisions being made regarding renewable fuels and indirect land use on both the federal and state level. Comments are from Renewable Fuels Association Vice President of Research Geoff Cooper, Air Improvement Resource President Tom Darlington and Nathanael Greene, Senior Policy Analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council. You can listen to …

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