Clinton at Ethanol Summit 2009: Save the Trees

Joanna Schroeder

The Ethanol Summit 2009 is in full swing in Sao Paulo, Brazil with President Bill Clinton kicking off the festivities yesterday. His main message was that while biofuels are an important element in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, it cannot happen at the continued destruction of rainforests. In an article published by Reuters yesterday, Clinton was quoted as saying, …

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Boeing: Biofuels Just Fine For Aircraft

John Davis

One of the world’s biggest makers of aircraft says that in initial tests, biofuels don’t affect performance and present no technical or safety problems, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent. This story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says that word comes from the top people at Boeing: “It meets all jet fuel requirements and then some,” …

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Exxon CEO: Alt Fuels Help Satisfy Global Energy Need

John Davis

While the chief of Exxon Mobil believes the U.S. demand for gasoline has peaked, he thinks the global demand for gasoline will continue to grow. And Rex Tillerson thinks that alternative fuels will help meet that growing demand. This story in the Dallas Morning News says Tillerson made the pitch for investing more in renewable energy during the company’s annual …


Washington to Miss Biofuels Target

Michelle Kautz

The state of Washington will not meet its target of state vehicles and ferries using biofuels for at least 20 percent of its fuel usage, the Seattle Times reports. The state has a June 1 deadline for alternative fuels to compromise a fifth of its fuel usage. As of the end of 2008, biofuels captured a mere 2.1 percent of …


Solazyme Testing BlueFire Ethanol Cellulosic Sugars

Joanna Schroeder

Solazyme, Inc., a company that develops technologies for renewable oil production, is in the process of testing sugars that are produced through a patented process designed by BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Inc. The goal of the technology is to test the compatibility with Solazyme’s renewable oil process to produce the oil cost effectively and at commercial scale production. The sugars used …

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Organization Promotes Advanced Biofuels

Cindy Zimmerman

A Maryland-based organization is promoting the education, acceptance and use of advanced biofuels. “The goal of Advanced Biofuels USA is to show the American people, decision-makers and opinion leaders that US farmers and researchers together can produce sustainable and economical biofuels that will directly replace all types of transportation fuels including gasoline and jet fuel.” said founder Joanne Ivancic. Advanced …

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Advanced Biofuels Workshop Agenda Announced

Joanna Schroeder

Don’t miss out on the Advanced Biofuels Workshop during this year’s Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW). This dynamic one-day event will focus on technology, feedstock management, market challenges, R&D activities, and near-term policy developments supporting advanced biofuels. In addition, the workshop will emphasize the provisions of the RFS and current efforts to commercialize, low-carbon, advanced biofuels technologies. The workshop takes place …

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New Fuel Economy Rules Applauded by Industry

Joanna Schroeder

A new National Fuel Efficiency Policy was passed today adding to recent efforts to curb America’s dependence on foreign oil while spurring development in new clean transportation technologies that will help curb greenhouse gas emissions. This new policy, which sets the toughest fuel economy requirements in the country’s history, speeds up, by four years, the fuel economy standards that were …

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