Plant Manager Interview

Chuck Zimmerman

The General Manager of Missouri Ethanol is Robin Venn. He’s currently in the process of getting his house sold in Kansas City so he can move to the Laddonia area. I interviewed Robin after the grand opening festivities were winding down. He says that all the employees of the ethanol plant are from Missouri which he thinks is unusual but …

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Melon Ethanol

Cindy Zimmerman

How about a nice juicy slice of – ethanol? The National Watermelon Association is preparing for some research with USDA, the University of Georgia and an ethanol plant in Florida to use the estimated 700 million pounds of watermelons that are wasted each year for ethanol production. “We’re really excited about this,” says Watermelon Association Executive Director Bob Morrissey. “This …

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Energy Critical for Farm Policy

Cindy Zimmerman

Three former Secretaries of Agricutlure testified before the House Agriculture Committee Thursday on what the most important priorities should be for the 2007 Farm Bill. All three mentioned energy and the role of agriculture in meeting the nation’s demand for it. Finally, one of President Clinton’s agriculture secretaries, Dan Glickman of Kansas, noted that energy offers “great opportunities” for agriculture …

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Full Flex Fuel Facts

Cindy Zimmerman

Got a call today from FullFlex USA, a company in Idaho that sells a conversion system to make most any car a flex-fuel vehicle. Seems they saw the post on Flex Tek we did a while back (see previous post) and thought I might be interested in doing an interview about their system – and I was. According to their …

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Promoting Renewable Energy Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

The US Secretaries of Agriculture and Energy last week were out promoting the upcoming Renewable Energy Conference in St. Louis. USDA Radio News reporter Rod Bain did several stories with Secretaries Mike Johanns and Sam Bodman you can listen to here: Energy Conference Story 1 (1 min MP3) Energy Conference Story 2 (1 min MP3) Energy Conference Story 3 (1 …

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