Canadian Biodiesel Plant Plans to Ship to Germany

gm-map1A Canadian biodiesel plant plans to crank out 7 million gallons of the green fuel a year, but none of it is intended for use north or south of the border. Biodiesel Magazine reports Biofuel Weiss Inc.’s Halifax, Nova Scotia, multifeedstock biodiesel refinery product will go to Germany:

“We are different than the other [biodiesel facilities] in Canada because our business model is based on 100 percent export to Germany,” Weiss said. “We went through the difficult double certification process, Canadian and German (DIN)/EU (EN).”

Feedstock for the 7 MMgy facility will mostly be used cooking oil (UCO) from Atlantic Canada, as Weiss said the company is partners with a majority of the regional collectors. In addition to UCO, other feedstocks will include animal fats, fatty acids and, as a last option, second-grade virgin canola oil, if the price and availability work, Weiss said.

Biofuel Weiss had hoped to start operations in September or October but is now looking at a test start by the end of the year.

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  1. OMG . .. . You mean to tell me that Canada has a biofuel program that doesn’t rely on mandates and taxpayer subsidies to function? Look it . . . . The U.S. tightly controls the supply & price of petroleum based energy products. Oil is the life blood of the U.S. economy. The dollar’s status as the global reserve currency is the only thing keeping the U.S. from descending into total insolvency. Attempts to accept payment for oil transactions in gold is the primary reason Saddam Hussein & Muammar Gadaffi are no longer alive. It is also the reason that Iran lives under the constant threat of a false flag attack and why Iran’s neighbors & allies are being regularly threatened and attacked as well. TU.S. sits on top of an ocean of oil and at least a 100 year supply of clean burning natural gas. Instead of making fuel from food, subsidizing the process and mandating its use, America should and/or must formulate and articulate a sensible & coherent energy policy.

  2. I agree!!!!!!! We teach biofuels to inner city programs & they have never ever heard of it and already we are so far behind that everyone outside of US can benefit, but the majority of us are stuck in US with bad policy & refusal to educate green!!!! and in our case, its an outright refusal

  3. These arguments in the comments are totally nonsensical. What does the US energy policy have to do with any of this, other than the fact that the author says the fuel won’t be exported to the U.S.? Please, people, can you leave some comments that make sense?

  4. Well John – – – Just because you don’t understand a comment does not make it totally or partially nonsensicle. Many observers thought that electing a Texas oil man would go a long way to solving America’s energy problems. Of course, the assumption was that there was actually an oil problem and that the U.S. government wanted to solve it. Since then, we have concluded that America’s energy problems are not now and never were about oil. Also, the U.S. government is not now and never has been in the business of solving problems, especially problems that the government has deliberately created. What if America was never dependent on foreign oil? What if all of the manipulations, gyrations and Middle East intervention were to protect status of the dollar as the global reserve currency instead of reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil? What if America’ energy policy was to have the global community completely dependent on otherwise worthless petrodollars?