Europe Imposes Tariff on US Ethanol

According to U.S. ethanol organizations, the European Commission (EC) is officially imposing a $83.03 per metric ton tariff on U.S. ethanol entering the European Union (EU).

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and Growth Energy issued a joint statement on the action.

“This tariff is outrageous and based on absolutely no facts or evidence of harm. An extensive investigation was conducted and there was no proof to substantiate the European Union’s protectionist claims of dumping. Imposing a country wide anti-dumping tariff is unprecedented and unfounded. This is blatant protectionism at its worst. This is absolutely not the final chapter. We will challenge this policy in every manner possible.”

nec13-epureDuring the recent National Ethanol Conference, the Secretary General of the European ethanol organization ePure was on a panel with RFA president and CEO Bob Dinneen, as well as representatives from other ethanol producing countries, including Canadian Renewable Fuels Association president Scott Thurlow pictured here between the other two.

On the panel, ePure’s Rob Vierhout was asked why they were pursuing trade actions against U.S. ethanol. “It’s completely legitimate what we are doing,” said Vierhout, who engaged in a back and forth with Dinneen about subsidies and dumping. Dinneen made the point at the time that a country wide anti-dumping tariff is protectionist. “That is a violation of WTO, a violation of every trade concept that has ever been established,” said Dinneen. “If there’s anti-dumping, you’re supposed to impose a fee to penalize the company that’s doing the dumping. You didn’t find any so you’re penalizing everybody.”

Listen to exchange between Vierhout and Dinneen here: ePure's Rob Vierhout and RFA's Dinneen

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0 thoughts on “Europe Imposes Tariff on US Ethanol

  1. So the European Commission is imposing a tariff on imported US ethanol. Well the US is just going to have to impose a heavy tariff on ethanol imports from – – let’s say Brazil. Oh wait !!! We’ve done that years ago.

  2. Well the ONLY reason ethanol and biodiesel have a market is due to U.S. government fiat. But apparently, this European government fiat somehow is different. You can’t have your cake and eat it too! “Live by the government fiat, die by the government fiat.”

  3. Michael —

    I had forgotten about that! Thanks for reminding us of this corporate welfare that the biofools industry receives, while they rant and rave against “tax breaks to oil and gas.” Everyone outside this industry knows these breaks are available to ANY coprporation. These are things like accelerated depreciation of capital investments, ttreatment as expense for certain capital investments that either save energy or reduce emissions, etc.

  4. Michael –

    The US tariff on Brazilian imported ethanol has been done away with – it no longer exists. I think we should re-instate the Brazilian tariff. Fair is fair.

  5. Why should there be a tariff on Brazilian ethanol imports? There are no tariffs on foreign oil imports, none on alternate refinery feedstock imports, none on foreign gasoline or blendstock imports and none on foreign diesel imports. Why should ethanol be treated any differently, given that Al Gore himself and various left wing environmental groups such as Sierra now say there are NO environmental benefits of ethanol? Ethanol now has a 10%+ market share of the gasoline market in the U.S. The industry ought to stand on its own feet, instead of asking for corporate welfare.

    The most outrageous claim to date has been that “ethanol produces more energy than is consumed in its manufacture.” If that were true, we could shut down every refinery and electrical power plant in the world, because the ethanol lobby had discovered the first in history perpetual motion machine.

    And one last thing, why isn’t E-85 priced at the pump equivalent to the sorry mpg efficiency it provides? That stuff is highway robbery from fuel consumers!