Kansas Congressman Blasts Higher Ethanol Blends

A freshman Republican representative from Kansas today blasted higher ethanol blends during a House subcommittee hearing that focused on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

“Why don’t I hear my constituents screaming for E15 and E85 if it’s such a good thing to lower consumer prices?” Congressman Mike Pompeo asked Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Bob Dinneen during the hearing. “I’ve only been here 18 months, I’ll concede that, but I don’t hear it.”

Rep. Pompeo’s district of Wichita and surrounding areas encompasses Colwich, where ethanol plant engineering company ICM was founded in 1995 by industry pioneer Dave Vander Griend, who has been an active proponent of higher ethanol blends. It is also home to one of Abengoa Bioenergy’s ethanol plants, which is currently idled due to the market conditions. Abengoa has a total of six ethanol plants in the United States with two cellulosic ethanol facilities being developed, including one in Kansas.

Pompeo also ridiculed the cellulosic ethanol requirement in the RFS. Listen to his five minutes of questioning during the hearing here: Rep. Mike Pompeo

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  1. According to Wikipedia, “Pompeo serves as a trustee on the Koch Industries-funded Kansas Policy Institute (originally named the Kansas Public Policy Institute and then the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy)”

    In other words, he gets his mail in Wichita, but he resides in the Koch Bros. vest pocket!!

  2. Yeah, Pompeo’s “district” encompasses 1.2 million square feet–that’s the size of the Koch Brothers headquarters (and bomb shelter) in Wichita. What a phoney.

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  4. I am embarrased to say this guy is a part of the Republican Party. I believe people with this kind of narrow attitude will alienate many Republicans to rethink their party affiation. I think these oil extremist better be careful or they will find our party turning on them in a big way if they don’t watch what they are saying. Greed is their middle name! He really PISSED me off as someone who invested in Ethanol because it was GOOD for our country!

  5. Mr. Pompeo,

    The people have no idea how ethanol can help the gasoline price. Maybe you should educate yourself about the ethanol and gasoline markets and then help educate your “constituents”. Or, you can do what most politicians do today, which is very little that makes sense.

    Someone who has met you and voted for you, and plans to vote you and all of the incumbents out of office very soon.

  6. Steve, you are right.
    Consumers have no idea what constitutes the gasoline price, specifically where it would be if ethanol were no longer available.

    This guy sure sounds like a “one termer.” Elected officials who base their arguements purely on a philosophy rather than the specifics of an issue do not belong in Congress. God save the country!

  7. Ron–You are right on target. I’m a lifelong Republican, but I have given up on all of these “tea partiers” that got voted into office during the last cycle. They just don’t get it.

  8. This has been a most interesting and telling thread of conversation.
    It appears that several of us Republicans are tired of uninformed Tea Party newbies spouting off on ethanol, which has been available and used by drivers in the Midwest Corn Belt since the late 1970’s.

    I am in favor of the market picking winners and losers, but when left to their own whims the oil companies have forced lead, benzene, and MTBE into our gas tanks (and ground water). Why isn’t Mr. Pompeo telling us that the people in his district want these unsafe elements back in our tanks and environment. Is he going to tell us that people in his district want unrefined tar sand oil piped through their district. The Ogallala aquifer runs right next to Pompeo’s district.

    Are the people of Mr. Pompeo’s district “screaming” for the ouster of Gov. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) for urging other Midwest governors to promote the use of E15. I suppose Bob Dole resigned ahead of the Tea Party anti ethanol purge.

    I live in Florida and trade and study energy on a daily basis. I will take a position long or short. Through my research I have grown more than tired of the misinformation on Ethyl Alcohol as a fuel additive. I see from the informed comments that I am not alone.

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