New Study Shows Biodiesel Benefits at the Local Level

Cindy Zimmerman

Clean Fuels Alliance America has just released the latest results of a groundbreaking study on the air quality benefits of biodiesel, particularly in the context of underserved Environmental Justice communities. The latest study from Trinity Consultants, conducted on 15 high-risk air quality communities coast-to-coast, reinforces that switching to biodiesel results in substantial health benefits. Specifically, the benefits include decreased cancer …

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Iowa Governor Signs Biofuels Access Bill

Cindy Zimmerman

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the Biofuels Access Bill into law on Tuesday morning surrounded by farmers and biofuels supporters on a family farm outside of Prairie City. The bill makes Iowa the first state in the nation to adopt an E15 standard and expands access to higher blends of ethanol and biodiesel across the state, lowering fuel prices for …

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Nebraska Renewable Fuels Month Features Student Social Media Campaign

Cindy Zimmerman

May is Renewable Fuels Month in Nebraska and high school students took on the mission of educating their peers about reducing their energy use and carbon footprint through the Field to Fuel student social media contest. Students were tasked with planning a one-week social media campaign to promote Renewable Fuels Month – a celebration recognized in May by Nebraskans and …

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Diesel Would Be Higher Without Bio and Renewable

Cindy Zimmerman

The national average for diesel fuel hit another record $5.54 a gallon Monday but a new study released by Clean Fuels Alliance America shows prices would be four percent higher without current U.S. biodiesel and renewable diesel production. The study, “The Offsetting Impact of Expanded Biomass Based Diesel Production on Diesel Prices,” was prepared by World Agricultural Economic and Environmental …

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Rail Disruptions Impacting Ag and Biofuels

Cindy Zimmerman

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) heard about how agricultural and biofuels producers are being impacted by rail service challenges during a two-day hearing this week. USDA Deputy Secretary Dr. Jewel Bronaugh told the board how rail disruptions are impacting farmers, ranchers and consumers. “Elevators are full and therefore cannot purchase more grain from farmers, and livestock operations are unable to …

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Iowa Biofuels Access Bill Heads to Governor

Cindy Zimmerman

The Iowa legislature yesterday passed the Iowa Biofuels Access Bill, sending it to Governor Kim Reynolds for signing. Gov. Reynolds originally proposed the bill this year to increase consumer access to higher biofuel blends like E15 and B20. Iowa Renewable Fuels Association Executive Director Monte Shaw called it a victory for consumers in the state. “Every person in Iowa deserves …

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Illinois Governor Signs Biodiesel Use Bill Into Law

Cindy Zimmerman

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker this week signed into law a bill that incentivizes increasing blends of biodiesel by extending the current B10 sales tax exemption until 2023 and then increasing the biodiesel blend level subject to the tax exemption to B13 in 2024, B15 in 2025 and B19 in 2026. The legislation was spearheaded and guided through the legislative process …

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Agri-Pulse Newsmakers Features E15

Cindy Zimmerman

The latest episode of Agri-Pulse Newsmakers features last week’s big announcement on summer sales of E15. Host Spencer Chase interviews Rep. Randy Feenstra (R-IA) on the announcement, followed by a panel discussion on the future of ethanol policy and agriculture’s current relationship with the EPA featuring Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper, Courtney Briggs with the American Farm …

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Canola Oil Proposed as Advanced Biofuel Feedstock

Cindy Zimmerman

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to approve Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) pathways for biofuels produced from canola/rapeseed oil. The agency issued a proposed notice of rulemaking this week and is providing an opportunity for comment on the lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis of these pathways. EPA’s assessment considers diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, naphtha, and liquefied petroleum gas …

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Ethanol Supporters Thank Biden for E15 Waiver

Cindy Zimmerman

The ethanol industry breathed a collective sigh of relief this week when President Joe Biden announced an emergency waiver to allow 15% ethanol blended gasoline (E15) to be sold this summer. “We applaud President Biden and his administration for recognizing that low-cost, low-carbon ethanol should be given a fair opportunity to strengthen our energy security and reduce record-high pump prices,” …

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