Siouxland Ethanol Receives Grassroots Award

Cindy Zimmerman

The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) presented this year’s Grassroots Award to Siouxland Ethanol LLC of Jackson, Nebraska.

The award is given annually “to a devoted individual or organization that often perform “behind the scenes” to advance the cause of ethanol.” Siouxland Ethanol LLC was presented with this year’s award by Liz Bunkers, ACE director of member and industry relations, for the plant’s efforts to go above and beyond to cultivate interest in higher ethanol blends in their community and throughout the country.

“The efforts of this group provide a shining example to others who seek to replicate their success,” Bunkers said. “They have hosted E15 and E30 fuel promotion events and they have worked hard to educate their neighbors about the clean air benefits of our high-octane, low-carbon fuel.”

Siouxland ‎Director of Industry and Investor Relations Pam Miller also did one of the breakout session at the annual conference about promoting events such as grand openings. “We know it’s important for us to promote ethanol because it’s a great product but we need to get the word out … and we enjoy doing that.” she said. The plant just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Audio file: Interview with Pam Miller, Siouxland Ethanol

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