New York Proposes Move to #E15

Joanna Schroeder

One of the challenges to full-scale adoption of E15 is rules and regulations in some states that keep E15 from being offered at the pump. The state of New York is one of these (as is California) but this could be changing. The New York Department of Agriculture and Markets has proposed a rule to update the state’s fuel regulations to allow the sale of E15. Should the rule be approved, retailers can begin offering consumers a new choice at the pump. New Yorkers consume more than 5.5 billion gallons of gas each year, making the state the fourth largest gas market in the U.S.

Growth Energy says for the past two years they have been working with the state to update the regulation to allow the sale of E15.

growth-energy-logo1“This proposal marks a major victory for consumers, who would gain access to cleaner, more affordable choices at the pump. Biofuel blends, like E15, are already used on the racetrack at Watkins Glen, and if the proposal is approved, drivers will be able to experience the same economic, environmental and performance-enhancing benefits,” responded Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor upon hearing the news. “We appreciate the Department’s work on this regulation to reflect federal approval of E15 and we look forward to working with retailers across the Empire State to quickly get E15 into the market.

Timothy Winters, CFO of Western New York Energy, an ethanol plant, added, “E15 represents an exciting opportunity for New Yorkers to select affordable, clean-burning biofuels produced at plants like ours. Back in 2004, we set out with a mission to harness the power of Western New York’s renewable resources to provide consumers with a high-octane, earth-friendly option at the pump. With higher blends like E15 in the marketplace, we can continue to help drivers save money and improve the quality of the air we all breathe, all while creating jobs and growing our local economy.

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