Bikers Get up Close and Personal with @EthanolRFA

Chuck Zimmerman

Robert WhiteIn a sign of true dedication to his job, Robert White, Renewable Fuels Association, was on location at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for the 8th year. His wife, Denita, has also attended these educational events but not this year since she and Robert just had their first baby two days before he came out to work at Free Fuel Happy Hours. We got him home as fast as we could though last week.

These Free Fuel Happy Hours provide a unique opportunity for staff and members of RFA to help educate bikers about putting ethanol in their machine. While they fill up or wait in line they can ask questions and get facts and advice from people like Robert, a biker himself. As you can see in the photo Robert is in a discussion with a biker who had some very good questions about the renewable fuel and how it would perform in his bike. RFA works with a local Co-op to supply an E10 blend with 93 octane. That premium level of fuel is hard to find out around Sturgis.

This educational/promotional opportunity is not a massive expense for RFA and as Robert says, it’s not just about motorcycles. All of the people who ride in to get a free tank of fuel also have other vehicles and machines back home that they put ethanol blended gas into like lawn mowers, leaf blowers and more.

RFA’s sponsorship at the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground is the longest sponsorship currently. Other exhibitors and sponsors including motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and Indian. Robert gets to talk with them in a pretty relaxed atmosphere to build relationships in the industry that work to the benefit of everyone involved in ethanol production.

Learn more about the value RFA receives via this unique promotion in my interview with Robert: Interview with Robert White, RFA

RFA at Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2016 Photos

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