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Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDF1BIRD Energy has made a call for proposals in its seventh funding cycle for U.S.-Israel joint Project Proposals with a focus on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Proposals must include R&D cooperation between two companies or cooperation between a company and a university/research institution (one from the U.S. and one from Israel). The proposal should have significant commercial potential and the project outcome should lead to commercialization. The conditional grant per project is up to 50% of the R&D costs associated with the joint project, and up to a maximum of $1 million per project.
  • The premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel is now available from the most of the Neste stations in Latvia. Neste Pro Diesel supplements the range of high-quality Futura fuels launched previously in the Baltic region and Russia. Neste Pro Diesel is available in Finland, Lithuania and Latvia.
  • Biofuels Digest is reporting that North Dakota ethanol plant Red Tail Energy has paid off the last of its $5.5 million in debt. The company paid the debt off three years ahead of when was indicated in previous financial filings and paid investors $20 million in dividends. The plant has paid off a total of $50 million in debt and added $13 million in capital to the company since 2011.
  • Comet Biorefining has announced the appointment of Rich Troyer as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Troyer was most recently the Chief Business Officer at Coskata and was previously a Managing Director at the Blackstone Group. “I am pleased to join Comet at such an exciting time, and look forward to working with the management team as we advance Comet to commercial stage,” said Troyer.
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