BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDF1Fourteen students from Butterfield-Odin visited the Heron Lake Bioenergy ethanol plant on April 8 to get a better understanding of ethanol production and its benefits. During the tour, the students, all from the 11th grade, learned about incoming grain grading, grain handling, fermentation, grain storage, dried distiller grain production and storage, liquefaction and ethanol storage and shipment. Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association assisted with setting up the student visit at the ethanol facility.
  • Growth Energy Co-Chair Tom Buis will be speaking at the upcoming Ethanol: Emerging Issues Forum April 28-29 at the La Vista Conference Center. Buis will participate in the government policy panel alongside Doug Durante, Clean Fuels Development Coalition executive director, and Mark Palmer, Nebraska Ethanol Producers Association executive director. Click here to register.
  • The Maine Public Utilities Commission has issued a new annual report on Maine’s use of renewable electricity in 2014. The report shows the impact of Maine’s renewable portfolio standard and found that compliance costs have fallen nearly in half since 2013.
  • The Alabama Department of Corrections is reporting a significant savings and reduced emissions from its switch to propane auotgas to fuel 72 of its work release vans. The vehicles us ICOM liquid injection propane systems and the kits were installed by Precision Sales & Service in Birmingham, Alabama, owned by Buddy Gamel.
Bioenergy Bytes