New Leaf Biofuel Celebrates 10 Years

Joanna Schroeder

San Diego, California-based biodiesel company New Leaf Biofuel is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In tandem with the milestone, the company has also received a new recognition as a BQ-9000 producer. The company started in 2006 and produces biodiesel using used cooking oil recycled from area restaurants.

image001“New Leaf Biofuel is thrilled to provide cleaner-burning Advanced Biofuels to the marketplace to help diversify our fuel supply and reduce emissions for ten years now,” said New Leaf President Jennifer Case. “We are committed to seeing the use of clean, renewable biodiesel continue to grow for years to come.”

The BQ-9000 program is administered by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Program and is a voluntary fuel quality program that ensures biodiesel is produced and maintained at or above the industry standard. The company says this is another milestone that serves to further its efforts to create and provide the highest quality biodiesel available.

“We have always been focused on producing the very best fuel,” added New Leaf plant manager Lucas Altic. “The acceptance of New Leaf Biofuel into the BQ-9000 program validates all of our hard work and attention to quality fuel that our team gives every day. Fuel quality is important because it gives our customers confidence that the fuel is going to perform the way it is supposed to every time they turn the key.”

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