Alliance BioEnergy Touts CoProMax

Joanna Schroeder

Alliance BioEnergy Plus is touting the benefits of Harvesting Technology CoProMax for an ethanol plant. When combined with the ALLM CTS process, the company reports a 55 million gallon per year (mmgy) biorefinery can add more than $17 million to the bottom line to a corn ethanol plant without bringing in outside feedstock.

alliance-bioAccording to Alliance BioEnergy, the CoProMax system eliminates the production of thin stillage and utilizes a unique method to extract nearly three times the high value Distillers Corn Oil (DCO) other than what is typical with average production practices. In addition the process provides both a high protein, high fiber distillers grain (with protein levels in excess of 45 percent and containing three quarters of the available corn kernel fiber). The DDGs with high levels of corn kernel fiber can be converted through the CTS unit, extracting even more DCO and adding millions of gallons of cellulosic ethanol output says the company.

The company also says this technology eliminates the need to transport 1,000s of tons of feedstock per day saving costs. In addition, without the feedstock there is no need to add expensive material handling or pretreatment processes.

Alliance BioEnergy says the combined CTS/CoProMax system allows an existing corn ethanol plant the ability to produce cellulosic ethanol by offering both low capital and operating expenses while retaining the ability to expand and add outside feedstocks for additional cellulosic ethanol output.

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