#ACE15 Annual Celebrates Ethanol Ingenuity

Cindy Zimmerman

ace15-1The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) is meeting this week in Omaha, Nebraska to celebrate the people, ingenuity and advancements of the ethanol industry.

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings talked about the success of the industry, despite the roadblocks that have come up over the past decade since passage of the first Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). “In the face of adversity you don’t give up,” said Jennings. “You quietly and calmly roll up your sleeves and you go about fixing the problems.”

Jennings compared the trajectory of success, with its ups and downs, to the way implementation of the RFS has evolved. “Under EPA’s recent supervision, the RFS has been messy, it’s been slow going and it’s been hard work,” said Jennings, asking what the industry should do if EPA keeps “riding the brakes” on the RFS. “Maintain pressure on them to keep it on track? Absolutely!”

Jennings also left open the option of legal action if EPA makes no change in the proposed RFS. “What are we to do if EPA drives the RFS in the ditch?,” asked Jennings. “Do we take them to court? Maybe. We’ll have to see.”

The final rule from EPA is expected by November and Jennings says in meantime, ACE is planning a new promotional and social media campaign to keep up the pressure. “ACE plans to launch a new round of Power by People ads, in the Beltway and around the country, to highlighting the benefits of the RFS to everyday people,” said Jennings.

Listen to Brian’s industry address here: ACE Executive VP Brian Jennings, 2015 annual meeting

2015 ACE Annual Meeting Photos

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