Massachusetts Town Preps for $4 Mil Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

co-op powerA Massachusetts town is making final preparations for a $4 million biodiesel plant. This story from WWLP 22News says hundreds of families in the town of Greenfield have invested in the Co-op Power project.

The plant will be able to collect and recycle used cooking oil to produce 3 and half million gallons of biodiesel fuel per year. That fuel will then be used for heating, construction equipment and transportation.

However, Co-op Power, which is the company building the plant, says they need to raise about 850,000 dollars more to make this plant a reality.

The CEO of the company told 22News, the inspiration behind this plant is the need for sustainable energy production, “Yea, this plant here is owned by hundreds of families in the region and we got together and decided that a biodiesel plant was one of the most important things we could do to help us transition to a more sustainable future,” said Lynn Benander, Northeast Biodiesel Company.

Co-op Power will have an update on the project later this week. The company hopes to raise all the money it needs by June 1st.