Biodiesel Co-op Looks to Supply Colorado Springs

John Davis

COSprings Biofuel CoopA cooperative looks to supply the Colorado Springs, Colorado area with biodiesel. And this article from says the locals are awaiting anxiously Colorado Springs Biofuel Co-op to finish their processor that will turn restaurant waste oil into the green fuel.

Steve Moll, owner of Clean Air Lawn Care in Colorado Springs, said he can’t wait.

“The cleaner the fuel we can run, the better it is for everybody,” he said.

Moll’s company specializes in all things green. He uses lawnmowers, trimmers and blowers powered by batteries recharged with solar energy and organic fertilizers. He also runs a larger diesel-powered tractor mower for commercial accounts on a mixture of 20 percent processed oil and 80 percent diesel purchased from a local commercial vendor.

But he wants to go 100 percent biodiesel, which is what the co-op’s processor will yield.

“Having biodiesel in our fleet keeps in line with our philosophies,” Moll said. “Pollution-free lawn care is the future, and biodiesel is even cleaner than the propane alternatives that are on the market for vehicles and lawn equipment.”

While biodiesel has been produced by local individuals, this will give them a network for the fuel.