Signs in DC Point to Keeping the RFS

Joanna Schroeder

ACE Biofuels Beltway March 2013 AdvocatesMore than 60 ethanol advocates from more than a dozen states are in DC today meeting with members of Congress and other key influencers to talk about why the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) needs to stay intact, and about the benefits of E15.

Brian Jennings, executive vice president for ACE said one of the best parts of the day was hearing the perspectives of the different advocates about what what elements of the ethanol industry are important to them and their advice on how to talk to others about the benefits of ethanol, whether it be a neighbor, a person you meet at the pump, or a federal or state legislator.

The advocates met with nearly 50 people on Wednesday and Jennings said early reports were encouraging. While there is opposition to the RFS, he is hearing that any type of RFS repeal legislation is going to get traction. “We can’t take that to the bank, and we need to keep pressure on Congress, but the early, encouraging signs that the RFS is in a safe place is really good,” said Jennings.

He noted that there were also lots of questions about E15 and some legislators were asking about the cause of ethanol RINS (Renewable Identification Number) to spike nearly a dollar in the past month. While no one knows for sure what is behind the RIN increase, Jennings said the industry is looking into the cause.

The advocates remain on the hill and will meet with dozens more Congressman and Congresswoman tomorrow.

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