1000th Restaurant Joins Oil-to-Fuel Program

Joanna Schroeder

The 1000th restaurant has joined the Oil-to-Fuel Program, sponsored by Genuine Bio-Fuel (GBF). The program recycles used cooking oil for cash. The idea is to help restaurants, that have to pay to have its used cooking oil picked up and properly disposed of, turn a loss center into a profit center.

With this program, GBF supplies food establishments with sealable, durable clean containers for oil collection, then sends out company representatives to pick up the oil and deliver it back to GBF where it is then processed into biodiesel. Each quarter, the restaurant receives a check.

“I’m thrilled to see so many local restaurants participating in the Oil-to-Fuel program,” said Jeff Longo, executive vice president for GBF. “The reality is we support each other, and we have to continue to support one another if we want to build our communities strong and take steps toward energy independence.”

Florida restaurants who participate in the program not only make money while doing something good for the environment, they also get a bit of free promotion through GBF’s “Save Us From Foreign Oil” website.

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