New Heating Oil Rail Facility Opens in East

Joanna Schroeder

A new heating oil rail facility has official opened in Yaphank, Rhode Island owned and operated by Ultra Green. The terminal will receive diesel fuel produced from vegetable oils or other fats and then will blend the fuel with traditional heating oil to create Bioheat. The biodiesel will be delivered in rail cars and the facility can store up to 250,000 gallons on site. This October, New York City’s biodiesel mandate (Bioheat) will take effect.

“The new BRT Terminal will help us ensure the economic, as well as environmental, success of the NYC Bioheat mandate, and provide lower-cost Bioheat for all of Long Island,” said Michael Cooper, vice-president of Ultra Green prior to the ribbon cutting event. “A Bioheat consisting of 12% biodiesel (B12) blended with the New York state-mandated ultra-low sulfur heating oil burns cleaner than natural gas. We’re working to ensure that every fuel dealer in the region can provide clean, reliable, and renewable Bioheat to its customers.”

Ultra Green was one of the first companies to market biodiesel dating back to 1999 and has been blending Bioheat since 2001. Today the company supplies biodiesel through the self proclaimed largest network of wholesale terminals in the New York/New Jersey region.

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