Biodiesel – A Year Round Biofuel

Joanna Schroeder

It may feel like summer already, but spring only arrived on March 20th. And believe it or not, some areas actually had snow this winter. Okay, so what’s my point? Biodiesel once again had success with cold temperatures around the country. Let me give you a few examples.

  • ➢ Cranmore Mountain Resort in New Hampshire was the first resort to switch to biodiesel. The resort uses more than 20,000 gallons of B20 each year and to celebrate, this past January they held a Biodiesel Day.
  • ➢ Cook-Illinois Corporation is the largest family owned and operated school bus contract on the U.S. The company has been using biodiesel in all 2,200 school buses for the past six years and use more than a million gallons of fuel a year.
  • ➢ Alex Ozark, an automotive engineer from Lancaster, CA (high desert) operates his 2003 VW TDI on biodiesel blends ranging from B99 to B20 during the winter. He treats the fuel with an additive to prevent gelling because temperatures can dip as low as 13 degrees F.
  • ➢ Bob Atchinson from Plainfield, VT uses biodiesel in his 1961 Massey Ferguson 65 4-cylinder Perkins diesel tractor. He uses B80 in the summer and B50 in the winter. In the winter he plows snow in temperatures as low as 0-10 degrees F.

Not cold enough for you?  Kent Bosch, a farmer from Montevideo, MN uses B20 all winter in three personal vehicles as well as his farm equipment. Since Minnesota can get so cold, he takes precautions for below zero temperatures including treating his outdoor bulk tank with a cold flow additive, ensuring the tank has a good filter on it, and draining off all condensation between fills.

So Ken, why do you do all this?

“Because I can, and I feel good about using my own product and doing my part (however small) to reduce dependence on foreign oil. It just seems like a healthier choice for my family.”

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