Renewable Energy Group Transitions Leadership

Cindy Zimmerman

The board of Renewable Energy Group (REG) today announced the succession plan for a seamless transition of the company’s leadership positions. The board offered unanimous approval of Jeff Stroburg’s request to transition from the dual position of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer to the sole role of Chairman of the Board. Daniel Oh, currently President and Chief Operating Officer, will transition to the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President and join the Board of Directors.

According to a statement from the board, “Mr. Stroburg and Mr. Oh have worked together closely throughout the last six years to manage the company’s strategic development. With more than twelve years at the helm of the company and an impressive resume of agricultural and energy industry leadership, we are pleased Mr. Stroburg will remain on the board to share his vision and leadership as the Chairman.”

“Working closely with Mr. Stroburg has been a remarkable learning experience,” said Oh. “More than a decade ago he had a vision for a value-added agricultural business that would move our country away from imported petroleum. I look forward to maintaining our relationship as he continues to lend his experience and expertise as the Chairman of the Board.”

Mr. Stroburg currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of West Central Cooperative, one of the Midwest’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives.

REG recently re-opened a biodiesel plant near Albert Lea, MN. In a post from that event, you can listen to an interview with Dan Oh.

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