GROWMARK Supplies Domestic Fuel for Farm Progress Show

Cindy Zimmerman

farm progress show 2011When the cars, trucks, tractors, combines and other equipment at the 2011 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois needed fueling up, GROWMARK FS was there on-site to serve up home-grown fuel.

Mark Dehner, GROWMARK marketing manager for refined and renewable fuels, says they have been the official Farm Progress Show fuel supplier for many years. “It takes a lot of fuel. The demonstrations for tillage, for harvest, the main fuel is diesel fuel for the heavy equipment. That’s our Dieselex Gold proprietary diesel fuel with a biodiesel blend,” Dehner says. “We also have a ten percent ethanol blend gasoline for the gasoline-powered units.”

Dehner says the GROWMARK FS system started marketing ethanol back in the late 70s and they started field trials with biodiesel in the 90s and started selling it in the year 2000. “So biodiesel and ethanol have been a part of our Farm Progress Show for some time,” he said.

They have a fuel truck that stays out on the demo fields throughout the show to provide free fuel for all the equipment whenever necessary.

Listen to or download Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Mark Dehner at FPS here: GROWMARK's Mark Dehner at Farm Progress Show

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